Math 116 - Calculus Concepts for Business


  • Apply mathematical tools to obtain quantitative information relevant to business decisions.
  • Promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Prepare students for subsequent work in the Business College and for future careers in business.
  • Apply the use of computer technology in solving mathematics problems.
  • Strengthen students’ general academic skills.


  • PPL 60+ or MCLG 88+ or one recent course from MATH 112 (C or higher), 113, or 120R.
  • Either MIS 111 or ABE 120 also required.


The following course materials are required for Math 116:

  • MyMathLab Access
  • Graphing Calculator -- Certain models of graphing calculators are allowed, while others are forbidden. Information can be found here.


Math 116 has a common final exam. This means that the time, date, and room of the final exam does not depend on your section's meeting day/time. To find the Final Exam date and time, go to, select the current semester, then scroll down and click on the link for the Common Final Exam Schedule. The room assigned to your section of Math 116 will be posted the week before finals here: